Model 1 - For Rent

Unit price per event/per day – 400 Ron | The price does not include VAT, transport, installation and operation

About Model 1:


Model 1 is a performance instrument providing new creative possibilities to artists, and empowering them to PLAY differently.

A mixer of uncompromising build quality, intuitive tactive controls and beautifully warm analog circuitry, Model 1 is engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones and co-designed by Richie Hawtin, with two years of testing, insight and refinement with artists, clubs and engineers from across the electronic music community.

Main features

  • Precision Sculpting EQ
  • Contouring low & high pass filters
  • Analog overdrive
  • DualCue
  • Master high & low pass resonant filters
  • Three-band master EQ
  • Two-band booth EQ
  • 100% Analog

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